FundRock is Luxembourg’s leading independent UCITS management company and AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager).
Our clients are established blue-chip companies and leaders in their domestic market. This is important to us and increasingly to asset managers and investors, as it means there is low contagion risk to their brand and investments.
We enable you to focus on making value creating investment decisions, by managing all the day to day operations of your funds on your behalf.

Fulcrum UCITS SICAV - Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return Fund F EUR Inc


ISIN: LU1551069641

Categoria Morningstar: Macro Trading EUR

Società: FundRock

Oaktree (Lux) Funds - Oaktree European High Yield Bond Fund I EUR inc

ISIN: LU0931245533

Categoria Morningstar: EUR High Yield Bond

Società: FundRock

Serviced Platform SICAV Maverick Systematic Neutral UCITS Fund M USD

ISIN: LU1273464880

Categoria Morningstar: Equity Market Neutral USD

Società: FundRock

Kotak Funds - India Midcap Fund J USD Acc

ISIN: LU0675383409

Categoria Morningstar: India Equity

Società: FundRock

Doubleline Low Average Duration Bond Fund Class I USD Acc

ISIN: LU1480529483

Categoria Morningstar: USD Corporate Bond - Short Term

Società: FundRock

Doubleline Shiller Enhanced CAPE® I USD Acc

ISIN: LU1480537072

Categoria Morningstar: US Large-Cap Blend Equity

Società: FundRock